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District Criminal Court Mediation Training

Become a Certified District Criminal Court Mediator in North Carolina

RJPrograms offers Certified Training for District Criminal Court Mediation

Approved by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission

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(Online) District Criminal Court Mediation Training

Nov 2024

What is Mediation in District Criminal Court and who provides the Mediation?


For years, many North Carolina community mediation centers have partnered with their local district attorneys and judges to make mediation available in North Carolina’s district criminal courts. These efforts have been successful and many misdemeanor criminal cases have been settled to the satisfaction of complaining witnesses, defendants, and others involved in these disputes. Settlements have also meant that the State was saved the expense of a trial. The community mediation centers involved in these efforts are non-profit agencies, pursuant to G.S. 7A-38.5, and are dedicated to the peaceful resolution of conflict in North Carolina’s


What is the Role of the Mediator?

Unlike a judge, a mediator will not decide the case. The mediator’s role is to keep the discussion focused, help the participants explore their options, and support their efforts to reach an agreement. If an agreement can be reached, the case may be dismissed. If no agreement is reached, the matter remains before the court. Typical mediations may include injury to property, communicating threats, simple assault, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, etc.

How do I become a Certified District Criminal Court Mediator?


In November of 2021, the NCDRC approved the process for the certification to include 16 hours of classroom training, followed within 12 months by an eight-hour Apprenticeship with a NC Mediation Center that participates in the NCDRC District Criminal Court Program, along with observations, mediations, and an application for certification. A criminal background check is required. Please check in with the NC-DRC for more information.


What will I learn in this Training?


Upon completion you will be familiar with mediating disputes in district criminal court (more practice will be provided during your Apprenticeship with your local mediation center). You will be prepared to intervene early in a dispute before the situation escalates. You will also learn ways to prevent problems from recurring. Because this is an interactive and interpersonal skills training, you will become more aware of the effect of conflict in your life, how to identify resources in a conflict, and how to use constructive, collaborative strategies to communicate with those in conflict. By suspending your own judgment and advice you will learn to empower others to find their own solutions.


How is this Training provided?

The NCDRC requires that remote trainings limit classroom size to 12 participants, so that everyone is able to interact with the trainer(s) during the presentation, i.e. participants can ask questions and receive answers during the live training session. This Training is held via ZOOM and recorded for NCDRC auditing purposes only. Participants will receive handouts, exercises, outlines, and slides by email before, during and after the training.

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