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Workplace Dispute Resolution

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Certified, Mediator and Train the Trainer for Managers,
& A Qualified Mediator by the International Mediation Institute

Modern workplaces are complex and comprise people from diverse backgrounds who have different opinions, values and expectations. Add that to the growing need for employees to achieve more with less, and it's not surprising that workplace conflicts can arise.

The good news is that mediation can help ease workplace tensions before they can escalate to more formal disciplinary processes. 

Mediation can also be a useful tool for managers to learn. Through the training at the Mediation Training Institute, Terri is certified to train organizational leaders; it can allow them to deal confidently and effectively with more deep-seated conflict, as soon as it arises within their teams.

So, some organizations invest in training their people in the technique, while others might opt to bring in official, external mediator to intervene in a dispute, especially if it's large and complex or needs immediate attention.

What is workplace conflict costing your business?

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